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Thursday, December 7, 2023
The Laughing Gravy Tent
Laurel Hardy

Latest Shouts
It's Christmas!!!
It's that time of year again folks! As it’s our Christmas meeting, we will be bringing along mince pies, plus a few other treats for our members to enjoy. See you there folks!
Thursday November 11th
we will showing the following films: ‘They Go Boom’, ‘Helpmates’ and ‘Them Thar Hills’.
Thursday October 7th
we will showing the following films :- Liberty, The Hoosegow and Midnight Patrol. Plus all the usual fun and laughs.
Thursday 2nd September
Hi All! We will be showing the following 3 films :- Double Whoopee, Blotto, Scram, plus a rare interview with Anita Garvin.
Laughing Gravy’s coming home!
Fantastic news - our first tent meeting of the year will take place on THURSDAY 5TH AUGUST. More details will be posted very soon. Laughing Gravy’s coming home!


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