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We meet on the first Thursday of every month

Our next meeting is on 7th June 2018


At our monthly meetings we show Laurel & Hardy films on a giant screen, sell memorabilia, have a raffle, and generally have a good laugh!

Tent meetings are social events with the emphasis on fun and friendship.


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The Story of the "Laughing Gravy" tent of Birmingham UK begins in the autumn of 1992.  John Ullah placed

an advertisement in the "Helpmates" UK magazine for someone in the Birmingham area to help create a

Laurel and Hardy tent in the city. John felt that Birmingham's lack of a Sons of the Desert tent must be

remedied, as the city was the "foundation stone" on which the Sons of the Desert was built, with the first

meetings between the Boys and John McCabe.  The city was also the birthplace and still is the home of the

family of one of Laurel & Hardy's team - Charlie Hall.  John's Advertisement was answered by two people,

Steve Smith, a television broadcasting engineer, who has an interest in film comedy and cinema theatres and

the late Barrie Finney, a graphic designer and Collector of L&H memorabilia.

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James Finlayson

He was born in Larbert, NR Falkirk, Scotland on August 27th 1887. After touring the British Music Halls, he moved to the USA to star in the 1912 show ‘Bunty Pulls the Strings’. He made various films for other studios including Mack Sennett, before moving to the Hal Roach Studios. He would go on to appear in 33 Laurel and Hardy comedies.

He is probably the best known and best loved of the entire Laurel and Hardy co-stars. With his bald head and false moustache, he is easily recognisable.

He was the master of the ‘Double-take’ and Stan Laurel would say of him, “He would only have to raise his eyebrow to make me laugh.”

His catch phrase “Doh!” has been adopted by Homer Simpson, of The Simpsons fame.

He died on October 9th 1953.

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